My relationship with photography began with a desire to capture the world around me, candid and unposed. This remains an important driver for my creative and professional practice. It’s difficult to say what defines or draws me to the rawness and candor of a moment, or exactly what motivates me to document, celebrate or elevate it above all else. But it’s here that I find beauty.

I bring myself completely to every creative project, with a relaxed and playful approach.  My style is very much hands-on, so I’m comfortable climbing right into the action, but I'm also able to capture it discreetly. For me, rapport with my subject and a comfortable atmosphere are essential to making beautiful and interesting photographs. Whether I’m on a busy film set, or capturing a single portrait, I work to ensure the client is at ease.

The majority of my commissions come from personal recommendation, but I’m always interested in exploring new creative ideas. If you’re interested in collaborating or commissioning new work, please get in touch. 

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